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The HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed 120SB Squash Racquet is the latest racquet on the market, so it has all of the best technology. That means that you'll have a powerful weapon to use against opponents! This is also great for beginners who are looking to improve their game or those already playing squash and want to take their game up a notch.

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Double Dot Squash Athlete Tinne Gilis today announced her new sponsorship signing with Dunlop. Dunlop will be a great fit for Tinne as she continues her climb through the ranks (currently world number 18), and will provide her support through an equipment sponsorship.

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We are excited to welcome to the team our new Double Dot Squash Athlete Tinne Gilis. Tinne is a professional squash player who is currently World Number 18 on the PSA Professional Squash Rankings. Tinne is from Belgium, and is currently based in Nottingham, UK. At only 23 years old Tinne has accelerated up the world rankings and competes in all of the major squash championships throughout the world. Tinne is Belgium’s No.2, following her older sister Nele Gilis.Tinne's first tournament as a Double Dot Squash Athlete will be at the PSA Egyptian Open. "We are very excited and proud to be working with Tinne...

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