Babolat Drive Girl 25" Junior Tennis Racquet

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The Babolat Drive Girl 25" Junior Tennis Racquet!

Just for kids! Extensive studies on junior player’s morphology and tennis capabilities guided the design of the Drive Jr. The result? A racquet range that will help your junior learn tennis technique and tactics faster. And we didn’t stop with the racquet specs. The Drive Jr also comes in an alternative cosmetic, allowing your junior to pick a racquet color that reflects their unique style. 


The Drive Jr 25 is recommended for juniors whose height is between 130 and 140 cm (51-55 in). This alternate cosmetic allows your junior to express their unique sense of style.



Have you ever wondered what adult tennis racquets would look like, if they were using the same proportions as kid ones? They would be almost impossible to play with! This is why we are conducting extensive analysis on kid’s needs, expectations, and morphology. The result: probably the thinnest racquet handles on the market for better grip, new string patterns for greater power and comfort, and perfect weight for less arm injuries.


Featuring graphite core and aluminium head as well as a bigger head size, we crafted the Drive Junior range to offer young players between 7 and 11 the ideal balance of power and playability.


We don’t want our future Rafa to get injured while playing tennis. So we designed a brand new 16X17 string pattern to reduce shock at impact and to provide a feeling way softer to your kid’s arm.


Head size: 100 in²
Length: 25 in
Weight (unstrung): 230 g
Balance (unstrung): 315 mm
Swing weight: 200
Stringing Pattern: 16/17
Stiffness (RA): 64
Section: 23-23-21
Composition: Graphite composite
Recommended string: AddiXion / Syn Gut Force
Tension Recommended: 21-24 Kg
This Babolat tennis racquet comes prestrung inclusive in the price. If you wish to have it restrung with your selected string and tension please add the string and restring labour to checkout and write in the notes the tension you would like the tennis racquet to be restrung at.