HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed 120SB Squash Racquet 2-Pack

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The HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed 120SB Squash Racquet! Includes two squash racquets.

Why not polish up your game? If you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you can't go wrong with the HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed 120SB Squash Racquet! The power and speed are beautifully combined with maneuverability in this lightweight yet powerful racquet. No need to get fatigued on the court- this racquet has been upgraded with HEAD's ultra-modern Graphene 360+ technology that gives enhanced flex and clean impact feel while being gentle on your arm due to its lighter weight. Get down on the court and have some fun!

If you want to dominate your opponent by squeezing the ball tight to the wall and destroying them with an unreturnable shot, then we hope you choose this racquet. Endorsed by British Open Champion Paul Coll (now a NZ squash legend) and Low Wee Wern of Malaysia, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed 120SB is a perfect weapon for any player who isn't afraid of power! With its slimbody shape that offers maximum aerodynamic maneuverability, this racquet makes it easier than ever before to retrieve balls close to the wall and hit away from it. The patented Adaptive Fan Pattern eradicates any concerns: use the straight string pattern for more power, or change over to the special fan-shaped pattern for increased control when needed! With this gleaming racquet, the stylish black color scheme makes a statement on the court!

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DISCLAIMER: The HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed 120SB is an amazing piece of tech that has been in use by thousands of players around the world. It's not just a racquet in a box; its Adaptive Fan Pattern has the capacity to allow the racquet to be modified in order to produce different effects.

Frame weight 120 g / 4.2 oz
Head size 500 cm² / 78 in² 
Grip size 3 7/8 
Balance even 
Beam 16 mm