Racketware Squash Sensor v1

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The Racketware Squash Sensor v1!


The Racketware sensor adds a new dimension to your game with the help of artificial intelligence and motion-sensing technology, available in a clip-on design the sensors weigh less than a grip and is compatible to all squash rackets. The data is analyzed in the app to give you a unique insight into every nuance of your game both in live practice and match play.


  • Attach the sensor to your existing racket using the dock and replacement grip supplied. You can switch it between rackets if you order spare docks.
  • Just get on court and play: you can use the sensor for both your matches and live in practice sessions.
  • Live stream your practice data to your mobile for instant shot by shot feedback. Or sync all your data after a match for a full breakdown of your stats.
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses, improve your stats, perfect your swing, and achieve you personal bests and monthly goals.
  • Small, light and attaching right by your wrist, the sensor won't change the balance of your racket. 

  • It weighs considerably less than a squash grip.
  • Supplied with a separate dock that fits snugly under your grip. Six years in development the sensor is fast and powerful, capturing data 600 times a second to give you insights into your swing that cannot be gleaned from the human eye.

  • Auto On/Off.

  • Stores thousands of matches.

  • Accurate Data 600 times a second.

  • 10 Hour Rechargeable Battery.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity.

  • Racketware comes with instant audio feedback on each shot, so you can practice freely without having to look at your phone.

  • We track the distribution of all your winners and losers during play, so you can get the big picture at a glance.

  • See how accurate and consistent your swings really are, with unique sensor data and target values to aim for.

  • The Racketware system understands the game in enough depth to track every nuance of your activity, calculate effort level in each shot and offer personalized fitness stats which are much more than just calorie counts.

  • Are you practising as much as the next guy? With Racketware you can compare all your stats with either your own past performance or with squash players all over the world from our large database of matches.

    And you can make your own notes ready for your next encounter!

  • The sensor allows you to compare your skills with top professional players, so you can swing like the best.