Salming Powerray Squash Racquet Black/Blue

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The Salming Powerray Squash Racquet!

Light, thin, and maneuverable the new PowerRay from Salming is an attacking players dream!

The PowerRay weighs in 116 grams unfinished with a fully finished weight of 139 grams. That makes is one of the lightest racquets around today. If you like to volley - a lot - the PowerRay will allow you to do just that due to its light weight. Its balance of 367 is a bit towards the head but that helps this very light racquet.

Its thin beam gives it great feel on the ball. The matte black finish with blue highlights looks terrific.

If are looking for a racquet to help you attack on the volley and love to snap through the ball with a shorter swing to generate great pace take a serious look at the Salming PowerRay!

PowerRay is a force of nature – sun ray 14/18 string pattern is a super light weight frame of 116 grams. Construction is a super-light carbon with high impact resin and mixed vectran fiber. It is strung with a new string from Salming, Lava™ – which is a fusion of mono core string with a DuPont™ Nomex® fiber

Material comp: High Impact + Vectran
String tension: 8-12 kg / 18-26 lbs
Frame weight: 116 g +/- 5 g,
String: Lava
String pattern: 14/18
Head size: 495 cm2
Total size: 685 mm
Balance: 367 mm
Handle: Slim elipse shape, circumference 88mm
Color: Black