Dunlop Tempo Elite 4.0 Squash Racquet

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The Dunlop Tempo Elite 4.0 Squash Racquet!


Start your game strong.

The ideal mix of power and control make this a perfect racket for you if you're an intermediate or a beginner. Step up your game.


  • Tempo Series
  • 500cm Head Size
  • 155g Frame Weight
  • 68.6cm Length
  • 14x19 String Pattern
  • Head Light Balance
  • Graphite



Advance your control

ACS™ (Advanced Control System) technology reinforces the racket throat for maximum torsional strength. This stabilises the racket head during ball impact for superior control.



Put some bang in your shots

Enlarged string holes across the hitting zone generate increased string-bed movement at the moment of ball impact. So you get explosive power.